• Live


    Using online tools to support personal wellness.

  • Learn


    Using online tools to become tech savvy and self-directed online learners.

  • Earn


    Using online tools to protect and manage personal spending and saving.

  • Work


    Using online tools to become college and career ready for 21st century work.

  • Play


    Using online tools to find great cultural and recreational opportunities.

Welcome to the National Tech Goes Home Website

The National Tech Goes Home Technology Integration Model

Tech Goes Home provides underserved families with the critical tools and training vital to succeeding in today’s technology driven world. We provide easy-to-use tutorials of the Internet’s most useful resources so that families with limited access or minimal digital knowledge can reap the full benefits of what the Internet has to offer. Specifically, we help today’s families to live, learn, earn, work and play: connecting students, parents, and teachers to their communities, to opportunities, and to each other.

Tech Goes Home strives to ensure that people are provided with the tools, training, and access to support 21st Century skill development. The National Tech Goes Home tools and resources are available as a Windows 8 app and as a Chrome browser extension.